Tips for easy camp-site cooking

Tip on how to cook easily when camping

Holidays are coming and maybe you've planned to go camping. Here are all our tips for easy camp-site cooking that answer all the essential questions for your comfort and safety: how to store your food, how to cook it..

Tips for easy camp-site cooking

1/ Preserve food fresh

Summer and the heat is here ... Which predicts for great holidays! ~ To preserve your food, it is important to keep it cool. There are many types of coolers for this. - When camping we recommend rigid coolers with or without electricity.

For simple coolers, a little tip: always carry two sets of cold accumulators. When you use one in your cooler, the second one is in the freezer that are often available in camp-sites.

Don't forget to always leave your cooler in the shade and eat the food quickly.

For more advice to know how to keep your food cool in your cooler, follow me 👈 

2/ Cooking food

If you are on holiday with children, we advise you to favour stable gas stoves, often equipped with larger pan supports, two burners and larger burners. Their stability provides more safety and the burners will ensure more efficient cooking. Remember to always install your stove in a place sheltered from the wind and be sure to put it out of the reach of children.

Keep it away from the tent too. Even in the event of rain, never install your stove inside the tent!

Take care of nature:never throw an empty gas cartridge in the bin, take it to the dump where it will be recycled.

Tips for easy camp-site cooking
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3/ Choose the good pots

Remember to equip yourself with "cooking sets" with a non-stick coating. Their maintenance is simpler compared to all-aluminIum cooking sets which tend to leave the food stuck to the bottom. On the other hand, they are more fragile and scratch easily. You should therefore only use wooden or plastic utensils.

To clean them, do not use an abrasive sponge, as this may damage them. Better to choose a classic washing-up brush, with a traditional washing-up liquid.


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