What to take on a picnic?

What to take on a picnic?

Check out all our tips for a successful picnic!
With family or friends; in a park, in the mountains or by a lake.

Let's start with a little background first. So what is a picnic? And isn’t it spelled picnic, or pic nic?

A picnic is a meal eaten outdoors, as part of a trip out, or maybe not. It ideally takes place in a picturesque rural setting, such as a park, by a lake, or any place with a nice view.
And often, you’re sitting on the ground. But picnicking doesn’t necessarily mean discomfort, or in any case, not here at Quechua!

And no, it cannot be written picnic! Indeed, picnic comes from the French word "piquer" meaning to peck, and "nique"
, which is a thing of no great value. Picnic is the Anglo-Saxon version of the original French word pique-nique.

Picnic with friends

So, how do you prepare a good picnic?

First, what should you take for a picnic?

As promised, a picnic doesn't mean discomfort here at Quechua! If you want to picnic in comfort, be sure to take with you:

- a shelter, to protect yourself from sun and wind
- a plaid or large blanket to sit on
- outdoor games to have a good time (ball, boules set...)
- a hat or visor or cap, whatever you prefer, but protect yourself from the sun!
- sunscreen, to avoid returning to the office red as a lobster the next day

Now that you have something to sit on and have fun, here’s what you’ll need to enjoy your meal:
- lunch box, to take your meal with you
- cutlery, so you don't get your fingers dirty
- towels for a nice wash (reusable, ideally)
- a cooler or cooler backpack
- ice packs
- salt and pepper
- a rubbish bag to collect your waste in
- boxes to bring back your leftovers
- a Swiss army knife
- a corkscrew
- a can opener
- a bottle opener

Pssst! We’ll give you some recipe ideas 👈🏻

So, better to take a cool box or cooler backpack?

It's easy - either you’re going for a walk and, if so, go for a cooler backpack; or you don't intend to walk to reach your picnic spot, in which case, go for a basic cooler!

Isothermal rucksack

Which cooler backpack should i choose?

The isothermal backpack, is fully insulated and guarantees to keep your food cool for 5 hours without ice packs.

Inflatable cooler

Which cooler?

As for classic coolers, you still have several options:

- flexible coolers: you can get them in different sizes, ranging from 10 to 35 litres. They have the advantage of being lighter, easier to carry and store, and offer excellent thermal insulation. Our soft coolers keep things cold for between 5 and 9 hours in general, and our inflatable coolers keep your food fresh for up to 17 hours, all without ice packs!

- rigid coolers are generally more widely used in camping, since they’re larger and more bulky. However, they have the advantage of being able to be used as a seat or small table as well as keeping things cold for between 13 and 14 hours, depending on the model.

You now have everything you need to enjoy your picnic, but maybe you’re not sure what to eat?

What is a picnic without a quality meal?
To ensure everyone is satisfied, here are some tips to make your picnic a successful culinary moment!

  • What to eat for a picnic?

    As a snack, consider taking foods that are easy to eat:

    - Vegetables to nibble (olives, cherry tomatoes, radishes, baby carrots), maybe with a little hummus to season it all?

    - Crisps - check out our recipe for homemade vegetable crisps.

    - Something to make small sandwiches (spreads, fromage frais, potted meat...)

    - Obviously, sausage, an essential for picnics!

  • What to eat for a picnic?

    The main course:

    It all depends on how many of you there are and whether you’ll be walking or not. However, be sure to bring food suitable for everyone's tastes, with a vegetarian option for those who don't eat meat or fish.
    The classics are generally:
    - All kinds of savoury cakes (sun-kissed vegetables, ham & olives...)
    - Quiches or tarts (quiche lorraine, salmon & spinach, leek...)
    - Large salads, generally of rice or pasta to garnish according to everyone’s preferences and tastes.

  • What to eat for a picnic?

    The best to finish off: dessert & drinks:

    For the dessert, fresh fruit salads are usually the stars of picnics; but for real gourmets, pastries will be most welcome! Cookies or cakes will do the job nicely!

    Finally, be sure to bring around 1/2 a litre of water (flasks, water bottles or water bags) per person for the meal. But if you’re hiking, make sure to take more!
    For children, you can bring bottles of syrup or fruit juice.

Got no ideas where to go for a picnic?

Here are some tips on places you could go for a picnic with family, friends or with your partner.

You can go and recharge your batteries at the water's edge, whether it’s next to a lake, a stream or the sea. It’s the ideal solution in case of strong heat, where you can cool off between two mouthfuls. It’s the perfect place for young and old to have a good time. The only downside: beware of sand on your plates if you opt for the beach!

Do you want to immerse yourself in the heart of nature while doing a little sport? Then go for the mountains! As well as having an idyllic setting surrounded by flora and fauna, you can go for a hike to reach your picnic spot. Then again, the forest can offer a little cool!

Finally, you’re in town and want to switch off just a stone's throw from home? Have a picnic in the park! You can generally enjoy the facilities and amenities on offer, such as tables, bins or even toilets. In addition, there are often play areas for your children to have fun!

How to keep food fresh in a cooler?

Camping:how do you keep food fresh in a cooler?

Camping:how do you keep food fresh in a cooler?

For a day or a week, we tell you everything on how to choose your cooler and keep your food fresh.