With family, friends or as a couple: to each their own hike!

With family, friends or as a couple: to each their own hike!

Hiking is the opportunity to share beautiful moments with the family, as a couple or between friends. For a successful outing, it’s essential to shape your hiking plans around those going with you: a kid’s expectations aren't the same as those of a group of friends. Follow our advice and our destination suggestions for an unforgettable time with your kids, your other half or group of friends!

1/ Hiking with the family at the parc de merlet (france)

Don't your kids get excited by walking to enjoy the scenery? Prove to them that hiking can be fun. Animal parks are an ideal playground to do this!~~The Parc de Merlet, not far from Chamonix, is the perfect place to introduce your kids to hiking. The trail only takes 2 hours, in an amazing setting, so your kids will spend their energy having fun. Over 80 animal species await you for a great family day out as they wander freely in this animal park, open from May to the end of September.~~Antelopes, marmots, llamas, deer, etc. Play a guessing game with your kids to see what animals they can spot all along the way. Your youngest doesn’t want to get out of their pushchair? Don't worry, the fairly level trail means you can push it along easily. Amongst the activities on offer is the “Marmots snacktime” that will definitely delight your kids, whatever their age. It also gives you time for a “sun cream/snack/drink” break!~~Your kids will discover a themed activity on every step of the trail: animals, predators, seasons, etc. Have fun while walking, that's what's important! Dividing the trail up like this encourages your kids to finish the hike with a smile.

With family, friends or as a couple: to each their own hike!
family hiking

2/ Couple’s hiking at cinque terre (italy)

The winning blend to turn a couple’s hike into an unforgettable, romantic memory? Breathtaking scenery, a beautiful sunset, a quiet place to pitch your tent, a gourmet picnic... Tempting, isn't it? Logistics wise, to finalise this idyllic picture, pack all the essentials for a night under the stars. And of course, don't forget to take photos to remember this joint effort in the mountains!~~With its five villages nesting in the valley of the Mediterranean cliffs, the Cinque Terre natural park in Italy is an ideal hiking spot for couples. Even if Via dell’Amore (literally the road of love!) is not entirely accessible due to works, there is plenty to do! For example, the Sentiero no.1 is one of the most famous trails. It connects Portovenere with Levanto, around a 40 km walk. This fairly even trail with a low difficulty level offers exceptional views of the natural park and its colourful houses. Why not sleep under the stars to make the most of the scenery?~~Head to the Cinque Terre to hike during the month of September: there are less tourists and you will feel (almost) alone in the world!

3/ Plan a trek with friends to discover the natural wonders of tyrol (austria)

Oh, holidays with friends... Do you dream of having fun in the great outdoors and spending enjoyable evenings together? Picture the scene: a week-long trek where each stage ends by gathering round a spacious table in a lodge to reminisce about childhood memories, have a sing-along or join in a rowdy card game!If you have no idea about destination, we recommend you head to Austria, and in particular to the Tyrol region which is perfect for hiking. Follow the Lech trail to take in all the wonders. Depending on your pace, this long hiking trail can be completed in 6 to 8 days and is divided into 15 stages. Most of the stages are easy and only two or three are moderately difficult, and they never involve more than 5 hours of walking. On the accommodation front, this route is packed with welcoming inns and lodges.For those who want to push themselves or for the more reckless, cross the Holzgau suspension bridge. At 110 m high and 200 m long, it is the longest and highest bridge in Austria. Guaranteed thrills!

In the end, you don't need much for a successful hike with your family, your other half or with friends: good humour, some simple ideas and of course, the right equipment!

With family, friends or as a couple: to each their own hike!

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