6 tips on how to do the washing up when camping

6 Tips on how to do the washing up when camping

With our tips and advice, washing up when camping will not really be a chore!

Obviously everyone knows,more or less, how to do the washing up. But do you know the basics?Those that help you save time and water. And especially those that help you manage the chore of washing up when camping. We covered the matter to give you 6 practical tips. Let's read a little, inside your tent or in a corner of nature 😉

Tip n°1:equip yourself well before leaving

Obviously, you need to take the basics: a sponge or a washing up brush, a microfibre towel and some washing up liquid, preferably ecological, or even solid soap.Good to know:Marseille soap works really well!Don't forget the bonus accessory:the washing up bowl. Yes, unless there are sinks provided for this use, we don't do the washing up in the sanitary blocks of the camp-site.
For bivouac enthusiasts or if the boot of the car is already too full: the foldable washing up bowl
Its advantage: a featherweight and a good capacity of 8 lighters.

multifunctional kitchen unit quechua

For those who love comfort:the multi-functional camping table with integrated sink.Its + benefit:for washing up and lots more.

cookset quechua decathlon

Tip n°2:avoid using all utensils to have less washing up

It's no secret, the best way to spend less time washing dishes is to dirty less utensils. So you need to adapt the way you cook. This is a great way to find out that it can be simple to do and good.

Because we are not going to let you go without some recipes, we invite you to discover the one pot pasta. What is it?A technique that allows you to cook pasta and other ingredients all in the same saucepan. Camping does not always mean sandwiches.A good reason on why to adopt the one pot pasta: the multitudes of recipes that save time.

Into action! Peel, chop and cut all the ingredients. Don't forget: 5 fruit and vegetable per day. Add salted water to a saucepan before adding all the ingredients, along with the raw pasta. Then simmer for 15 minutes until all the water has evaporated. And then serve.Enjoy your meal!

And what do you need for cooking this? The cookset 😉

Tip n°3:don't leave the washing up waiting

Nature will wait for you.We imagine that the chore of washing up is not very tempting and that you prefer to push it to one side and leave it for later. We understand.However, we do not recommend that you leave it for later. First of all, because what's done is done. Especially because leftover food that sticks to the pan is not very pleasant. It's so much better to come back to clean dishes than dirty ones waiting for you to clean them!So we take our courage in both hands, and plunge them into the bowl. Promise, in 10 minutes, it's done.

6 tips on how to do the washing up when camping

Tip n°4:how do you do the washing up with little water?

While hanging out on the web, we found the right way to do the washing up with less than 10 cl of water. Great for camping.And it's also a good idea to carry on when you return home. Let's go to the tuto.
You need:a washing-up brush, two small sprayers, one filled with clean water and the other with water and a few drops of ecological washing-up liquid.

Step 1: once the meal is finished, scrape the plates and pans that were used to prepare the meal to remove any leftovers.

Step 2: spray the dishes with soapy water.And scrub with the dish brush to lather.

Step 3: rinse the dishes using the spray filled with clean water.

And there you are, it's no more complicated than that!

6 tips on how to do the washing up when camping

Tip n°5:get everyone to help

These tips are even better, if you're not the one doing the washing up.

At home, washing up is a chore and your little one always moans a little when it's his/her turn. Well, we're not going to lie to each other, washing up is always a chore, even when camping. But the context can make it a little more fun, so you might as well take the opportunity to get everyone to contribute. Especially the little ones.It's an excellent way to give them responsibilities. And to make them aware of ecology. 
Our tip: make the task more fun by adding small challenges. An example:do the washing up (correctly) using as little clean water as possible.

Tip n°6:how do you do the washing up when hiking?

You brought along your stove to improvise a small dish on your hike. Of course, the advice already mentioned works. And here too, we insist, we do not postpone the chore of doing the washing up until later. No need to take the bowl or our little sprayers! We also think of a small rubbish bag, because the leftovers of your picnic have nothing to do in nature and a microfibre towel that takes up little space. Yes, there's no time to wait for the dishes to dry in the sun. 
If you're not too excited about doing the washing up, sandwiches well wrapped in reusable paper are better.Our advice:bee wrap, washable and reusable ecological wrapping. What is it?Fabric with a bee wax coating. Note to DIY enthusiasts, it's easy to do yourself and inexpensive.

Bonus: how do you do the washing up in a camping car?

The tips mentioned also work for life in a van or camping car. Yes, we challenge you to be as ecological as possible during your trips!

Well now you know all our tips and methods for washing up when camping while taking care of our beautiful playground that is the planet. Now all you have to do is plan your holiday, with family, friends or on your own.

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