Discover snowshoe walks closer to nature

Perhaps you will have the chance to spend the holidays or a weekend in the mountains this winter ... Take the opportunity to discover the mountain differently around a fun activity accessible to all.

1/ Discover snowshoeing!

Make the most of beautiful snowy landscapes with snowshoes, whether it be on marked trails or off the beaten track, in a sporting way or during a calmer walk...

They give you access to untouched places by walking on powder snow without sinking.


2/ A simple & accessible activity

This activity suits all levels and all ages, just adjust the length and intensity of your route depending on your fitness. Visit the local tourist office to find out about the available snowshoeing trails.

Snowshoeing is affordable and the perfect activity to save on a day pass on a ski holiday and discover the mountains in a new way.

What's more, you only need limited equipment: a pair of snowshoes, hiking boots suitable in snow, and a pair of poles for your balance. Find all our tips for choosing snowshoes suited to your outings as well as the appropriate outfit to keep warm and dry.

3/ Gentle activity for your health

Snowshoe is an activity where you can work on endurance, maintain a healthy heart as well as leg muscles, abdominals and your back.
This activity is practised outdoors to relieve tensions linked to stress and anxiety. What’s more, with snowshoes on your feet and the range of terrain that you will take on (at times flat then sloped, as well as uphill and descent), you will also work on your balance. Your mind will be easily captivated by the animal noises of the wildlife and the snow cracking underfoot for a complete separation from daily life and a deep connection with nature.
As you head out, do a few exercises to warm up your body. A few stretching exercises. On arrival, enjoy the breathtaking view and take a few minutes of deep breaths before you set off again.


4/ Marked trails in wild spaces

Whether you're a beginner, advanced, alone or in a group, you can adapt your trip to your taste.
For beginners, start with a first outing on a marked trail. Follow the simple signage along a pedestrian route in safety. The route can be done as a return trip or in a loop which is more pleasant as you keep discovering the route and landscape from the beginning to the end of your walk.
You can also try walks in untouched spaces where there are no marks except those from a few snow animals. To do so, contact a mountain guide to set off in safety. Snow is indeed a complex element. Understanding the snow, reading the snow requires particular skills. Holes can be concealed on an untouched trail just as a snowslide can appear.
A mountain guide can also share information about the surrounding wilderness, the fauna and flora as well as a cultural overview of the local heritage.

5/ Other activities on a snowshoe walk

There are real experiences to be had on your snowshoe walks to make them even more memorable. Fun, artistic or cultural, there's something for everybody.

  • Discover snowshoe walks

    Building an igloo

    Great fun with the family, be tempted to build a real igloo. Unforgettable memories for funny photos or an original snack break.

  • Discover snowshoe walks

    Discover the fauna and flora

    They are also an original way to discover animal marks in the snow. Find out which species the footprint belongs to with applications such as Ecobalade, and with iNaturalist will tell you everything you need to about an animal by taking its photo.



    A real experience to try out that combines sport and well-being. Harnessed to a Nordic dog, you will develop a real relationship with your four-legged partner. Your steps will be with the dog towing you.

Discover snowshoe walks

Rendez-vous outdoors?

Fancy a breath of fresh air? Whether you live in the city, in the mountains, in the countryside or by the sea, Decathlon Outdoor offers thousands of nature outings close by and millions of minutes to experience outdoors, on foot or by bike. With or without a guide, alone, with friends or family, you'll never run out of inspiration again!

6/ Ready? go!

Ready to take on the snowy trails? Find out how to put on your snowshoes correctly and above all... how to use them well!


Equip yourself well:

Don't spoil your enjoyment and remember the essential safety rules if you're going off piste: contact a guide and equip yourself with an avalanche search device (ARVA), shovel and probe. To know more about safety conditions and the snow layer, find out how to read the snow.



Copywriter hiking tips

My Top 3 walks: Lac d'Anterne, the West Coast Trail and Vercors (but I can’t choose between them)! 

I like to set off on forgotten trails, old shepherd’s or postal trails. 

I don't like: people who throw their litter in the forest.

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