The mountains expand our point of view! Ours is that all our hiking and camping products should be as sustainable as possible. Here's how we do it...

Sustainability reaches new heights

Inspired by the mountains

Ah, the long-time love... It must be spending time in the mountains that’s developed this in us. Not for pitching your tent, eh! Here, as you know, we like to count in seconds. But for conserving objects and preserving the environment, long may we count in decades and design out obsolescence!

A mountain range can take millions of years to form. So we too, in our own way, are trying to be sustainable. Or more precisely: durable. By making hiking products that will be there for you for as long as possible. And to achieve this, we have more than one trick up our sleeve.

Sustainability reaches new heights
Sustainability reaches new heights

We test, we refine, we test, we refine...

The durability of a product starts with a search for solidity in all phases of its design. At Quechua’s World Creation Centre, our engineers and designers rack their brains all year round to improve the strength of each product. Our method is to make lots of prototypes. Each "proto" allows us to test a specific point of a product, test how it reacts in real conditions, adjust what’s wrong, and make the next "proto" stronger.

As they work at the foot of Mont Blanc, our design teams can test a product whenever they need to. And repeat the prototypes until the optimal product is obtained: one that will withstand impacts, temperatures, transport, wear and tear... And will have the longest life cycle.

Sustainability reaches new heights

Stainless steel is amazing

Of course, the choice of components also plays a big role in the durability of our products. Stainless steel, for example, which is one of our favourites. Very resistant to corrosion and hardly ever affected by rust, stainless steel is hygienic, extremely strong and durable. It can even be recycled endlessly.

Adopting this material full of qualities has led us to completely rethink our water bottles, cooksets, cups, plates and other containers to carry your favourite hiking foods. By making the lifespan of a product unlimited, stainless steel is one of the raw materials with the lowest environmental impact! When, like us, people seek to develop eco-design, it’s the ideal component...


Our new 2 Seconds EASY tent has also been designed to be even more durable. With an emphasis on components and tricks that best protect it from the elements. Because that’s the difficulty of making durable outdoor equipment: it needs to remain intact over the seasons with use, even when the elements are unleashed and do their best to damage it!

By increasing the thickness of the tent canvas, creating a flysheet that counters the effects of condensation and reinforcing the coating of the groundsheet to prevent water infiltration, we’ve managed to make our iconic new tent stronger and more durable than ever. Tests have shown that it can now withstand tropical rain equivalent to 200 litres/hour for 4 hours. And at a wind speed of between 40 and 50km/h, without being brought down.

In short, whatever type of hiker you are and wherever you pitch camp, this tent will be there for you for a long, long time...

Long live our products!

A tutorial and it’s fixed!

Well, let's face it, zero-breakage, unfortunately, doesn't exist. So sometimes, sustainability means … fixing! Our products have this possibility built in from the outset, to make repair operations as simple and economical as possible. Thanks to Decathlon’s spare parts website, it’s possible to repair everything yourself at lower cost, by purchasing the part(s) you need.

Sustainability reaches new heights


And since we really prefer to push for repair rather than consumption, we also offer extra-long warranties for our products. For example, our backpacks are guaranteed for ... 10 years ! During this time, if a zip breaks, a button pops or a seam gives way, don’t put your bag in the bin! Just bring it to us at a Decathlon store and we'll fix it for you. The same goes for our tents, guaranteed between 2 and 5 years depending on the model.

In short, for the more than 20 years that Quechua has existed, we’ve tried to think of everything so you can extend the life of your equipment instead of buying more. Because that’s the advantage of durability: it saves serious money...

Sustainability reaches new heights

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