ECO-HIKING: hiking to help keep our trails clean

ECO-HIKING: hiking to help keep our trails clean

Given the location of our design centre, at the foot of Mont-Blanc, protecting our outdoor playground is something we're passionate about in Quechua.
In 2018, we launched ECO-HIKE: a sporting, civic-minded day that helps you (re)discover the joys of hiking while also helping the planet by picking up litter.

4 years later, thousands of hikers have taken part in ECO-HIKES, during Decathlon events as well as "World Clean Up Day", organized by the company.

if you also want to clean up the hiking trails in your country, go to cleantrail.org

Hike UP ⛰ - Pick up 👋

A new sporting and civic challenge!

Starting this spring, we want to encourage more hikers to protect our natural playgrounds and hiking trails, in particular.

The principle is simple: every time you go hiking, whether close to home or on the other side of the world (all health regulations prohibit littering), think: Hike Up, Pick Up.
Before setting off, when packing your hiking backpack, remember to add a small bag, gloves and hyroalcoholic gel so you can pick up any rubbish that you encounter en route.

At the end of your hike, share your litter yield by using the #hikeuppickup and by referencing the @Quechua account on social media networks. Remember to tag friends or family members to encourage them to follow your initiative when they're next out hiking, or go with them to show them the way.

ECO-HIKING: hiking to help keep our trails clean
ECO-HIKING: hiking to help keep our trails clean


The aim of the day? Protecting nature's playgrounds!

After two events, held in 2018 and 2019, involving nearly 6,000 hikers and more than 10 tonnes of rubbish collected across 170 French Decathlon stores, the company is organizing a new national ECO-HIKE event for hikers to be held on the 22nd May 2021

There's bound to be a Decathlon store near you supporting the event.
To take part, pick up information in store or visit our website.


ECO-HIKING: hiking to help keep our trails clean


An enthusiast hiker and Quechua employee

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