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Check out all our hiking tips to be enjoyed as a family with your children

All our advice on hiking with kids

activities to keep your children busy during hikes and walks


Have you heard of Geocaching? Do you know how to build a shack? Discover 8 activities to get your kids into hiking. If you decide to go hiking with your pre-teens, plan some fun, motivating activities to avoid seeing them drag their feet after just five minutes. It's also an opportunity for you to revisit your childhood and spend some special moments with them...

Hiking with baby: our guide

Hiking with baby: the complete guide to make in unforgettable

Hiking with baby? Of course it's possible! Here is how you can go hiking with a baby, in all simplicity, from birth.

Hiking with baby:our guide.

All about physiological baby carriers

Hiking with baby? Of course it's possible! Here is how you can go hiking with a baby, in all simplicity, from birth.

7 autumnal activities to do with children

7 autumnal activities to do with children

We've found 7 autumnal activity ideas to do with children. Something to inspire and enchant your next outings with your little tribe.

How do you motivate children whilst hiking?

Here are our tips in order to motivate children whilst hiking!

Discover 3 tips on how to motivate your children when hiking so that they want to go again! Spoiler: it's all about playing with their imagination!


Color your hike : our printable coloring for kids !

Games and colouring for the little hikers!

the best outfit for your child when hiking Quechua tips

How to dress your child for hiking

When hiking, to avoid getting a chill when on a break (and the doctor when you get back), here are a few tips from the” Backpack tribe” to dress your children well!

Les yeux des enfants - lunettes de randonnée Quechua

Children's eyes are even more susceptible to the dangers of the sun!

Too many children do not wear sunglasses when playing outdoors, even though they are the most vulnerable to the sun's rays. Find out why it is important to protect your children with a good pair of sunglasses from an early age!

6 easy hiking recipes to do with your children - teaser

6 easy hiking recipes to make with your children before you leave!

To motivate your children to go hiking, there's nothing like getting them involved in preparing a fun and tasty snack or meal. In addition to the fun your child will have scraping the dish, this activity will allow you to spend time with your family before and during your hike.

How to build an igloo - teaser

Building an igloo: 2 simple and fun methods to be explored

Have a fun winter, learn how to build an igloo! There are two methods to doing this: the traditional method using blocks of snow, or the faster Russian igloo method.

What to take in your hiking backpack


List of essentials to pack in your kid’s backpack before going hiking.