How do you wash your technical clothing in a more eco-friendly way ?

Washing your clothes in a way that respects the environment is easy and effective! Find out our advice for looking after your hiking clothes while protecting nature.


Dear hiker friends, as you know, the countryside is our playground... and that is why we respect it! One of the easy things we can do to protect our planet is to change the way we wash our clothes. We offer you our tips for more eco-friendly washing.

quechua tips to minimise your ecological footprint

Did you know?

Have you ever heard of micro waste? When you wash synthetic clothes, microparticles of plastic fibres enter the waste water and cannot be effectively filtered either by washing machines or by sewage treatment plants. On a worldwide scale, this results in massive pollution of the oceans, which affects the aquatic fauna and then enters the food chain.

quechua tips to minimise your ecological footprint

Choose an eco-friendly detergent


Whichever one you choose, use the right amount of detergent. Using more detergent does not wash any better, and pollutes more. You can also limit the use of additional products such as fabric softeners, disinfectants and perfumes, to reduce the environmental impact of washing.


Do you have a formula for eco-friendly detergent? Feel free to share it in the comments!

Save energy

And when your hiking clothes are too used from all that walking... it’s up to you to recycle them. You can put them in recycling bins, or give them a new lease of life yourself.


Do you have an idea for transforming clothes? Feel free to share your tips with other hikers!

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