A tyre revolution that won't fall flat

Soles made from recycled tyres help reduce rubber production! Quechua is committed to designing more environmentally friendly products.

Quechua recycled tyre soles

Using recycled tyres to make our hiking shoes

Yes, you heard right!Recycled tyres in your shoes!
To help preserve our natural playground and ensure we really make the most of it, our Quechua teams are committed to designing products that are more environmentally friendly.
As soon as we embark on the design process, we start exploring new technologies and looking for new materials such as recycled tyres, to help reduce our environmental footprint. Year on year, we aim to reduce the footprint of our products for the duration of their life cycle.

As part of this eco-design approach, we turned our attention to recycled rubber and recycled tyres in particular, so we could create higher-performing, eco-friendly soles. That's right, we really love our planet so we need to look after it!

Quechua NH500 Shoe hiking

Several of our shoes have soles that are made, in part, from recycled tyres. This applies, for example, to the NH500 shoe and some shoes from the NH150 range.
31% of the weight of the NH500 shoe is created using eco-friendly design processes.
The tongue, laces and sole, for example, are all produced using eco-friendly designs.

Our soles are made from recycled tyres

The soles are made, in part, using "powder" from crushed, recycled tyres. This powder is then incorporated into the material used for the sole.
We constantly strive to improve and work, on a daily basis, to further develop our eco-design approach.

Because it's through small steps like these that we continue to progress!

Using rubber from recycled tyres allows us to create eco-friendly products while ensuring they remain attractive, comfortable and hard-wearing. It's the perfect combination and one that provides the best grip!
By using recycled rubber, we are able to reduce the use of oil-based raw materials while ensuring the quality and strength of our products.

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