Proper camp cooking

The holidays are just around the corner and you may have planned to go camping.
To ensure your comfort and safety, we're going to reveal our tips and tricks for hassle-free camping and answer your main questions: how to keep your food, how to cook it etc

Proper camp cooking

> Keep food fresh

Summer and warm weather have arrived. It gives you the idea of going on a nice holiday! To keep food fresh, it is important keep it cold. There are many types of cool boxes that may be used.
While you are camping, we recommend that you use rigid cool boxes; they can either be electric or standard.

Here’s some practical advice for basic cool boxes—always keep two ice packs handy. While you use one in your cool box, the second can refreeze in a freezer that can often be found in campsites.

Don’t forget to always leave your cool box in the shade and to quickly eat the food in it.

> Cooking your foods

If you are on holiday with children, we recommend that you choose gas camping stoves that are stable. These are often outfitted with stands for larger pots, along with double burners and larger burners. The flames ensure more effective cooking and their stability makes it safer for you. Always set up your camping stove in an area sheltered from the wind and put it up high, away from the reach of children.

Also keep yourself away from your tent. Even in the event of rain, never set-up your camping stove in your tent!

Be green. Never throw an empty gas cartridge in a rubbish bin, take it to the recycling point where it will be recycled.

> Choose the right cookware sets

Consider outfitting yourself with a 'mess kit' that has an anti-stick coating. Their maintenance is simpler in comparison to all aluminium mess cookware kits that tend to leave food stuck to the bottom. On the other hand, they are more fragile and may scratch. Therefore, only use utensils that are made from wood or plastic. Don't use an abrasive sponge to clean them as this risks scratching them. It is better to use a traditional cleaning brush with regular liquid soap.

Tips and tricks for good everyday camp cooking during your holiday


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