Recipe / Braised chocolate bananas

Recipe / Braised chocolate bananas

  • Banana and chocolate, a "no-brainer" in terms of desserts. Braised, it is even better!
Recipe / Braised chocolate bananas

Preparation + cooking time: 30 mins. to heat your coals, 1 min. +7-10 mins

For 2 people:
- 2 bananas
-1 bar of dark chocolate
- Optional: mini marshmallows
- some foil


- With a knife, make a cut lengthways along the banana.
- Slip squares of chocolate (and marshmallows) into it. Insert the squares of chocolate into the flesh of the banana well.
- Place the prepared banana on a square of foil (diagonally, it is the most practical for the next bit), then seal the foil well so that the banana cooks via steaming, like in a parcel. The banana parcel looks a bit like a gondola, you must place the bananas on the coals via the ends and remove them by the ends. So it is best to ensure the ends are quite long and solid.



- Once the coals are ready, place the bananas wrapped in foil directly on the coals or on a grill.
- Allow approximately 7 to 10 minutes for the cooking.
- Remove the bananas from the coals, taking care not to not burn yourself.

Recipe / Braised chocolate bananas

Open the parcels carefully, enjoy with a spoon :)

Recipe / Braised chocolate bananas