Take the hire road!

Take a shortcut to reducing your carbon footprint by
hiring your camping equipment.


Free your cupboards

Let's tell the truth:camping equipment takes up a lot of space in our cupboards. And it ends up piling up to form a ... mountain. Now, these are clearly not the kind of mountains we like to contemplate, are they? We have thought about this in Quechua and Forclaz, two Decathlon brands born from a passion for peaks.And we said to ourselves that renting our equipment made sense.A lot of sense.For several reasons.

The first reason is that as product designers, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.This approach leads us to seek all the solutions possible to make our products more sustainable. Eco-design is one, which we have been developing since 2010 and for our first recycled plastic fleece.The life extension of our products is another one.

And for extending the life of a product, there's nothing better than the rental solution: it also allows Quechua and Forclaz, between two rentals, to ensure its perfect maintenance. And repair it if necessary.A gust of wind can arrive at any moment. And children sometimes pull on the pegs. And stoves, sometimes...You know...!


More rentals, less pollution

Renting equipment, completely changes the way we consume, because by returning the product after each use, we are moving away from the “disposable” idea.And by doing this, in addition to decluttering our cupboards, we also generate less waste. And we enter into a virtuous circle that encourages both the circular economy, the collaborative economy and deprogrammed obsolescence.

In addition, as we know, for many of you, , camping and bivouacking are occasional activities. Not everyone has the chance to be around pretty mountains all year round, and to pitch their tent next to a lake every sunny weekend. Mountain hiking, wild camping, spending a night in a tent are often seasonal pleasures, or associated with summer holidays.
For occasional or infrequent use of camping equipment, rental is therefore an ideal solution: we have fun while incurring the least possible costs. No need to invest in equipment that will be used for just a few days ...

The “packs” rental version, to simplify spontaneous hiking

Are you wondering what products are available in the Quechua and Forclaz rental service? The answer is simple:everything that allows you to go on an adventure instantly and comfortably! Tents, sleeping bags, outdoor furniture, cooksets… The selection is designed for all those who wish to escape and all camper profiles. And for an "à la carte" service, you can rent each piece of equipment individually - folding table, solar shower, headlamp, baby carrier ... - or concoct tailor-made equipment packs.

The family packs integrate a 5 or 6 people tent to recreate a real living space in nature.The bivouac packs combine together the best trekking equipment with a silk liner, a Trek 900 sleeping bag, an inflatable mattress and a self-standing tent.The alpinism pack offers the lightest equipment and a tent that can shelter 2 people…

By renting, you can also try out lesser-known ways of experiencing the mountain and spend several nights outdoors. With its tarp and hammock, the bushcraft pack, for example, allows you to push the cursor of adventure and immersion in nature to the maximum.For those unfamiliar with this trend, the bushcraft or « art of the woods» is a minimalist approach for hiking, designed to blend in with the environment using as little equipment as possible.
And let's not forget vanlife of course, which also has its pack.This is another trend that is close to our hearts: to be able to go on a van adventure, and in the evening, pitch your tent on your roof top to provide a raised Robinson's bed… Vanlife is a way of life that Quechua has decided to make accessible to as many people as possible by creating the roof top tent:an innovation that is available for purchase and also rental.

And since nothing replaces the experience of a snack in the heart of nature, our rental catalogue also includes a cooking pack. It allows you to cook hot meals in all weather conditions, by discovering the latest generation of Quechua's cooksets made from stainless steel - a material that has become central in our eco-design approach, as we explain to you here.

Model change

In short, you've understood: from the smallest to the largest equipment, all the essentials for hiking and mountain camping developed by Quechua and Forclaz can now be rented. And our catalogue should grow overtime. 

Why is this our mission? Because in Quechua and Forclaz, we are convinced that this is the way to make a drastic reduction in industrial C02 emissions:a consumption model where each follower is a tenant of their equipment, rather than an owner. Rented or rental…


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