Camping Activities

Camping activities

Find all our Quechua tips for camping activities. Camping with families or with friends, discover all types of activities you can do during your stay.

All our camping activities tips


Our tips for taking the most beautiful night pictures?

All the techniques for capturing a beautiful starry sky

Spend a night under the stars - teaser


Do you dream of spending a night under the stars in the mountains? We don't blame you - it's a magical experience and the night of the falling stars is the perfect way to try out this new experience! Take a look at our tips for a good night's sleep under the stars (shooting or not)!

What to take on a picnic?

What to take on a picnic?

Check out all our tips for a successful picnic! With family or friends; in a park, in the mountains or by a lake.

camp and bivouac recipes

7 camp and bivouac recipes to recover after a day in the mountains

At Quechua, we are convinced that a good meal is one of the best ways to properly recover and enjoy yourself after a day spent in the mountains.

Camp fires: how to make them - teaser

Campfires: how to make them safely to enjoy delicious moments?

As night falls, there's nothing like a campfire to warm up, cook food... and toast some marshmallows. Here are our tips for a successful campfire!

How to take beautiful photos in the mountains - title

How do you take beautiful photos in the mountains?

Landscapes, animals, hikers in action… there is no shortage of photo opportunities in the mountains. To ensure your snaps are as beautiful as possible, François - in charge of images at Quechua - will teach us the basics of mountain photography.