Camping equipment: tips on what to bring

Camping equipment: tips on what to bring

It's decided, you're going camping for your next holiday! Whether you're going solo, with friends or with the family, you're going to have to organise your camping holiday and make sure you don't forget anything! Nobody wants to turn back on the motorway or buy yet another sleeping bag on the spot because they've forgotten it.

We've put together a compilation of our top tips for choosing the right camping equipment and making sure you're well equipped!

How to prepare properly for camping

Unless you're a regular who's been camping every weekend for the last 40 years, you're not immune to forgetting your toothbrush, your duvet or, worse still, your tent (it happens, even to the best of us)!

Don't overestimate your brain, which is probably already on holiday, sipping tea or coffee on the improvised terrace of your campsite. Equip yourself with a good old-fashioned list of things to take. If you're going away with several adults, remember to divide up the tasks (two brains are better than one, and it's better if everyone pitches in). One of you can take care of the tent, bedding or duvets, while the other will look after the small furniture, food and accessories such as lamps. If you're the only adult going away with children (especially if they're still small), good luck. We’re with you.

Choosing your camping equipment depends on whether you're going alone or with others

When it comes to camping equipment, there are those who prefer minimalism and those who prefer glamping ("glamorous camping" or "camping in glamour" for camping in ultimate comfort). If you're going alone, do as you please! If you're going with a group, you'll need to agree on the level of comfort and space you want.

Camping equipment: tips on what to bring

 ↪ Equipment for camping alone

Do you need to recharge your batteries by yourself? You can opt for minimalist camping equipment, for your own little "nature retreat". In this case, you'll need:

• A 2-person camping tent (this is as small as Quechua's camping range gets, so there's plenty of room for all your stuff!). A classic fresh and black 2-second tent, or the latest “Easy” model, will be great if you want to sleep in. On the other hand, most other tents have to be pitched by two people... The 2-second tent really is a great invention.

• A single mattress. You can choose between a pump-inflatable mattress or a self-inflating mattress! If you like more sleeping space, opt for a bigger mattress, but you'll also need a bigger tent. And don't forget that you'll be sleeping with your rucksack or suitcase, which will take up a lot of space!

• A single sleeping bag, which may or may not convert into a duvet, depending on your preferences.

• A 1-person cooking set and a stove if you're planning to cook up a storm. Don't forget to take a water bottle, even at camp, so you don't have to go back to a drinking water point for every drink!

• a first-aid kit and eco-friendly toilet paper (in case the campsite toilets get robbed of their rolls or if you prefer "going in nature").

• A headlamp for if you have to walk around the campsite at night (#UrgentPee)

• A hammock, which allows you to rest between two trees and takes up less space than a camping chair.

If you want to camp in comfort, you could also bring:

• A camp bed to make you more comfortable and isolate you from the ground

• A comfortable and compact camping pillow

• A cool box to keep your food and drinks cool during the day. However, you won't be able to store your food on a long-term basis. Remember to take a few freeze-dried meals with you just in case.

• A camping lamp for reading books (which you didn't have time to read during the rest of the year, but which you frantically continued to buy).

• A camping bedside table to isolate your books from the ground, put your phone on, etc.

• A
solar shower if you decide to isolate yourself from civilisation. For the adventurous, opt for a hanging gravity model. For greater comfort, opt for a pressure model.

• An
organic shampoo that doubles as a shower gel, dishwashing liquid and washing-up liquid, so you don't have to carry around too much and avoid dumping harmful products into the environment.

• Don't forget to bring your own headlamp, for example, so you can read quietly in bed while the other person is fast asleep.

If you want to take luxury a step further, equip yourself with a folding chair and table, or even a blanket for a picnic and a real change of scene, you'll find everything in the camping equipment section of our website

Camping equipment: tips on what to bring

↪ Equipment for camping as a couple

For camping as a couple, use the list of camping equipment for one person, but add:

• A 2-person tent. You can choose a model with just one bedroom and sleep together. If you're more into road trip camping, you can also opt for a roof tent, which is perfect for two people.

• A two-person camping mattress, or two single mattresses that twin up.

• - It's the same when it comes to sleeping bags: There are sleeping bags for two people, or single sleeping bags that twin up.

• And when it comes to camp beds, Quechua has created an inflatable base for one person that can be twinned with a second base of the same model, so you can sleep just like at home, with the added bonus of nature and peace and quiet!

• There are 2-person models with a larger capacity and two sets of plates, cups and cutlery.

• You can add a wardrobe to your bedside table to avoid having your clothes on the floor (and above all to avoid the quarrels you have "at home on holiday, as you always leave everything lying around"). Play the game and look after your living space together. Don't forget that your tent will be your cocoon for those few days or weeks!

Camping equipment: tips on what to bring

↪ Equipment for camping as family or with friends

If you want to get away with your family or friends, think bigger!

• You'll need a family tent to accommodate everyone under the same roof. There are lots of family tents to choose from, from the classic tunnel tent to the teepee tent. If you're at a loss just thinking about it, we've put together an article on how to choose your family tent.

• When it comes to camping mattresses, the best thing is for everyone to have their own, so you can sleep wherever you like (or even have a night under the stars and fall asleep watching the sky if you feel like it). If you're going away with children, it's not impossible that your room will be rearranged during your stay, depending on what you feel like doing and on any quarrels or 'alliances' among the siblings.

• If you're going away with family or friends, mealtimes are going to be intense, and the washing-up is going to be outrageous! To make life easier, choose a pressure shower as your water inlet, coupled with a triangular-shaped multifunctional kitchen unit. You can use this unit to prepare your meals and do the washing-up in a more practical, convivial way!

• Don't forget to take two coolers! One large one will stay at camp, while the smaller cooler, preferably in the form of a rucksack, will accompany you on your hikes.

• Remember to pack enough folding chairs and a large table.

• If you want to take a shower while your kids are at the camping club, or if you just want to relax and soak up the sun, Quechua has even designed camping chairs. Alternatively, you can grab a leg rest to turn your chair into an armchair and get comfy.

• If you want to live independently, Quechua has designed a dry toilet, so you don't have to queue with your roll of toilet paper in your hand at the campsite toilet while the mosquitoes are biting you...

• If you're taking your own solar shower, add a foldable shower cubicle, so that your shower is a little moment all to yourself.

• Finally, everyone has their own headlamp, so everyone has their own way! If you're taking young children with you, remember to choose headlamps with clearly distinguishable colours! This will avoid debates about "what's-his-name taking my stuff!" #ItsNotFair

Did you know? Quechua has designed a solar panel to enable you to be more autonomous when camping, to recharge your external batteries and mobile phones. The aim is not to feed our social networking addictions, but to have enough electricity to make calls in case of a problem, or to charge your USB-chargeable lights.

Camping equipment: tips on what to bring

Check out our camping equipment checklist to make sure you don't forget anything!

Finally, we've created a checklist for you that you can print out or keep in digital format, so you don't forget anything before you go camping!

And we’ve even written an article to go with this special camping checklist.

Now that you've got all the information you need to choose the right camping equipment and a checklist so you don't forget anything, all that’s left is to find the perfect spot to pitch your tent!

Camping equipment: tips on what to bring


A camping enthusiast at Quechua

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