Recipe / Chicken marinated in chilli and lemon

Recipe / chicken marinated in chilli and lemon

Chicken marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil and some wonderful herbs, all carried in a "zip" bag for a barbecue among mates or in the heart of the mountains. That is the Zippy Chicken! A practical recipe of outdoors, exclusively for Quechua.

For 2 people:
- 300g of chicken (go for breasts, much easier to prepare)
- the juice of 1 lemon (organic for those who want to use the zest in the marinade)
- 3 tablespoons of olive oil
- some oregano or thyme
- 2 bird's eye chillies
- some cherry tomatoes
- a little water
- salt and pepper
- an airtight zip bag

Essential: kebab skewers! Wooden or metal ones for the pros.

Recipe / Chicken marinated in chilli and lemon

before heading off:

-In a bowl, add olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix it all together. Add the bird's eye chillies, after having cut them in two, removed the seeds and cut the flesh into small pieces (you can replace them with a little chilli powder or some drops of Tabasco). A few pinches of oregano or thyme. You can add lemon zest to it. Mix well.
-Cut up the chicken into pieces which will easily be able to be skewered by the kebab (for the grill: 3cm long is good!). Place them in the airtight zip bag.
-Then you just need to put the olive, lemon, chilli and herb mixture in the bag on the chicken, and reseal the bag, after having created as much of a vacuum as possible. Then shake the airtight bag so that the chicken is properly impregnated in the mixture.
-Leave to marinate for at least one hour, the time to pack everything away into the backpack and get to your barbecue spot*".

Recipe / Chicken marinated in chilli and lemon


On site, after having got your fire or barbecue going, place the pieces on the skewers alternating them with the cherry tomatoes. A piece of chicken, a tomato, a piece of chicken, a tomato, etc
Tip: Leave space at each end for the kebab so as not to burn your fingers when turning it over.
Allow the kebabs to cook for fifteen minutes, turning them regularly.


Opposite the sunset in the mountains, it is even better.

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