Energy cookies

To top up your energy levels before taking on a day of hiking, here’s our recipe for energy cookies that are so good,

Time taken:

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Total recipe time: 15 mins



For 8 small cookies:

• 50g oats
• 13g ground almonds
• 13g ground Brazil nuts
• 20g dried cranberries
• 20g icing sugar
• 15g chocolate chips
• 1 banana



1. Mix together all of the dry ingredients (oats, almonds and Brazil nuts, cranberries, sugar and chocolate chips) in a food bag. 


2. To make the cookies, mash the banana using a fork and combine it with the other ingredients. 


3. Heat a pan over a low heat on a camping stove, and shape the cookie mix into balls. 


4. Add the cookie mix balls to the warm pan, and flatten them slightly with a spatula. 


5. Cook the cookies for 5 minutes on each side, keeping an eye on them. 


They’re ready!
You can enjoy them warm or cold - they’re just as delicious, either way!

Enjoy your meal!

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