Tips and tricks for zero waste hiking

The good weather is back and you want to get out into nature! We all love immersing ourselves in nature, losing ourselves in the forest and taking in the sea air along our coast...

But we don't always realise the impact we have.

In a precious article, we explained the 7 principles of "Leave No Trace," a best practice guide to make sure you limit your impact while hiking.
Today, I will give you ideas on how to apply this principle.
Organizing a zero waste hike isn't impossible, it is even fairly easy. However, it requires a bit of preparation!


Zero waste starts before the hike...


I recommend you shop locally or in bulk shops to reduce packaging as much as possible if you can. One tip, don't forget your containers:
- fabric bags (reusable!) for fruit and vegetables, bread, dried goods and pulses,
- food boxes for meat and cheese,
- pots for liquids (honey, oil, etc).



We are getting there! Until we get to the fateful stage of wrapping the sandwiches... Don't worry, we have the solution! Bee wrap’s, fabrics coated in bee's wax replace cling film and aluminium foil. You can also use reuseable cotton bags or food boxes.

If crisps are necessary, you can make them yourself and include variety by choosing your favourite flavouring.


Feeling peckish? Don't panic! Here is a super simple cereal bar recipe that will give you the energy you need for hiking. You can carry them in reuseable containers.


... And continues during the hike!

When hiking, it is important to keep hydrated! Remember to take a flask to replace plastic bottles. In France, 25 million plastic bottles are thrown away each day and only 49% are recycled.
(source: Franceinfotv.fr)

You are ready, your day can begin! Enjoy every moment; take your waste back with you, even organic waste! You can also pick up any litter you find: a paper, tissue, a wrapper... A good deed for animals and birds who are graciously allowing you into their habitat! ;)

If you need to go to the toilet, it isn't a problem! Leave the path, taking care of the plants...

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